Bob Fernander, CEO, Imation and Nexsan 
Project Goal: Market research to drive company repositioning based on new product value 
"Faced with a daunting restructuring — selling IronKey, acquiring Connected Data, and starting our asset management business — we needed to reposition Imation and its subsidiary Nexsan to reflect our newly differentiated enterprise storage offering. I asked Touchstone to assist in restructuring the Marketing organization and creating a communications strategy to position Nexsan for growth. With Touchstones' assistance, we created a leaner, more profitable growth business. It has been a delightful experience working with the Touchstone team and I look forward to our next project together." 

Geoff Barrall, CTO, Nexsan; CEO, Connected Data; CEO, Drobo; Founder/CTO, BlueArc 
Project Goal: Multiple, including market research leading to company messaging and market selection
"I worked closely with Touchstone over the past 12 years. We met when one of their partners, Ken Rosen, was recommended by a board member to select target markets and re-position BlueArc. The result was two years of record sales. Most recently, he served as interim CMO when we merged Connected Data with Nexsan. I have no doubt the Touchstone team is among the best at understanding markets and creating messaging to increase revenue. If you need your sales and marketing teams to break through the noise with a message that gets customers to buy, talk to Touchstone." 

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Lara Shackelford, CMO, Altify (formerly The TAS Group) 
Project Goal: Positioning and message refinement 
"Communicating complex messages in a simple and comprehensible way is an art. It's so easy for technology companies to fall into the grandiose: "we transform" or "we power" or "at scale." Many get so stuck on how they speak inside their company they forget to look from the outside in. And even when they try to listen to the voice of customers, partners, and competitors, their internal filters transform what they hear. Touchstone helped us understand the voice of our customer and interpret it in a clear, compelling way that represents the depth of our knowledge while being easy to consume. This is the art. They worked tirelessly, devoted to finding the truth, and poured through customer interviews and materials to get to the essence of who we are. They also did it in record time, bringing my executive team and CEO along on the journey. I have hired many messaging experts in the past; going forward, I will hire only one, Touchstone." 

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